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Understanding Diesel Fuel Polishing Services

If you’ve operated diesel engines for any length of time, you’ve probably experienced the disheartening breakdowns that can occur when sediments or water sneak into your fuel supply. If this kind of mechanical failure is happening too often, diesel fuel polishing services can help you track down the root of your problem and eliminate it.

Fuel Polishing Defined

Like most materials that are stored prior their use, hydrocarbon fuels — diesel, heating oil, and other similar liquid fuels — tend to degrade over time. Fuel can be contaminated by both the introduction of foreign material and by the gradual breakdown of the fuel itself. Contamination has become a more significant problem in recent years as energy providers resort to advanced chemical extraction and processing techniques to meet the increased demand for fuel. This translates into more additives in modern fuel.

Polishing is an umbrella term for all of the steps that can be taken to purge contaminants from diesel and other fuels. It can include filtration — and this is often enough to restore badly contaminated fuel to usability — but many polishing services employ more advanced techniques such as centrifuging, coalescing, and chemical treatment to eliminate contaminants. In cases where contaminating solids are caused by the breakdown of the fuel itself, professional polishing can often reverse the breakdown process. Find diesel fuel polishing near me.

Choosing A Polishing Company

Diesel fuel polishing services can be selected like any professional service company: Good service providers are insured, licensed, and have a sterling track record of satisfying their clients. The most important factor for you to consider is that different companies tend to specialize in serving different markets. The breakdown between markets is typically one of scale rather than geography.

If you need a polishing service because the heating oil coming out of your home tank is making your furnace malfunction, it’s probably a waste of time to contact a polishing service that spends most of its time cleaning tanks on oceangoing ships. Review company websites before contacting them to make sure you engage a service that’s set up to handle your volume of work.

Long-Term Fuel Treatment

Besides cleaning single tank-loads of contaminated fuel, most companies that handle fuel polishing can also help you to improve your ongoing fuel quality. They can monitor fuel quality and check your tanks and equipment for potential contaminant sources. Such services can also help adjust the chemical balance of your fuel to ensure maximum efficiency.

Engaging this kind of ongoing service makes sense if you deal with diesel fuel in large volumes. Making fuel quality a constant concern is usually less expensive in the long run than dealing with individual fuel contamination incidents in a crisis mode. A polishing service will likely make a strong argument for such an arrangement, but you should check the cost-vs-benefit ratio independently before making any commitments.

For businesses and individuals that use large amounts of diesel fuel, a polishing service can make a huge difference in fuel quality. That usually means more efficient operations, reduced maintenance expenses, and fewer breakdowns. These benefits are more than adequate to justify the costs of fuel polishing for most users.